Nov 5, 2012

20,000-plus people celebrate impending victory

Obama in Madison, Wisconsin on the morning
before election day, 2012
A walk around Madison this morning shows much about President Obama.

One sees laid-back, good-natured people working for civil rights, the environment, soft smiles and good will around the edges of the 20,000-plus people in the over-flow crowd in Madison for the Obama-Springsteen rally.
Obama spoke against the "top-down economy that crashed our economy," in favor of a stronger society "where everybody's got a shot."

The extremist, rightwing GOP, still hard at work blocking people from voting and then lying about it, features Romney making the rounds at swing states, just as Obama is doing.

But when you see Romney, every bone in your body tells you: This guy is lying, and this guy doesn't give a damn about you.

Here's some Bruce:

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