Sep 11, 2012

The Consequences of a Lawless Administration and a Sworn Chief just Following Orders

Wisconsin Constitution
Dane County Sheriff Dave Mahoney, we need your help against a lawless Capitol police force acting under orders of the Scott Walker administration.

Capitol police have delivered tickets to sign-holders at their homes and workplace.

This is an act of political intimidation that ought not go unchallenged.

Walker is using the machinery of government to shut down political opposition.

Capitol Police Chief Erwin is reported to have emitted words reminiscent of McCarthy and Nixon: "... [W]e have a group of people that come here, and last week they were holding signs and they are part of this group that, for lack of a better word, are terrorizing people at this Capitol."

What's next? Surveillance? Infiltration? Agents provocateur?

Below is a video of a citizen to whom the Capitol police delivered a citation to his place of work.

U.S. Marshals. Dane County Deputies. We need these forces of law and order as a bulwark against this lawless Walker administration.

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