Sep 12, 2012

Scott Walker's Palace Guard Installs I-don't-like-your-politics 'panic' buttons

Is this Chief David Erwin?
Update II: VIDEO: ACLU Legal Observer Threatened by Wisconsin Capitol Police Speaks Out

Update: Legislators school Capitol Police Chief David Erwin and the Walker administration on constitutional freedoms in September 12 letter. [h/t Voices Newspaper Blog] Letter reads in part:
"The Capitol has a very special, constitutionally-protected role as a forum for people to exercise their rights to speak freely and petition their government. Civility does not mean that those who disagree with the government should sit down, be quiet, and let the administration do whatever it wants. The Administrative Code and the Wisconsin State Facilities Access Policy cannot supersede the state and federal constitutions."---
The criminalization of politically opposing Scott Walker continues, with the collaboration of Capitol Police Chief David Erwin.

Sing a song?

Hold a sign?

Protest a GOP politician?

Capitol Police Chief David Erwin has ways of making you not talk.

From the AP:

Hundreds of security buttons have been installed around the state Capitol as the new police chief steps up efforts to improve a sense of safety in the statehouse.

Department of Administration officials say 482 buttons have been installed in offices around the Capitol. DOA spokeswoman Stephanie Marquis says the wireless buttons will send an alert to Capitol police who will respond immediately.

Protesters have routinely congregated in the Capitol to sing songs, hold banners and display signs that are generally in opposition to Gov. Scott Walker and Republicans. Chief David Erwin recently told The Associated Press that he respects the right to demonstrate, but believes some protesters' behavior has crossed into intimidation.

Check out this video from Kos.

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