Jul 7, 2012

Mitt Romney Committed Voter Fraud—Looks Likely

Brad Friedman breaks another story about Mitt Romney apparently committing voter fraud in the 2010 Massachusetts election that catapulted Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) into office.

Multi-millionaire Romney claims his residence was his son Tag's unfinished basement. See also Forbes and Mother Jones.

This story bears repeating—Friedman first broke it months ago [June 2011 in fact]—as were Romney's 2010 Massachusetts tax records to indicate Romney residency as his son Tag's basement, Romney would be in violation of  Massachusetts' requirements for residency.

Writes Friedman:

To date, there has been no legitimate explanation for Mitt Romney having cast a vote in the January 2010 Special Election for the U.S. Senate between Scott Brown and Martha Coakley. At the time of his vote (which he has admitted doing) he owned no house in Massachusetts, and yet he was registered to vote from the address of his son’s unfinished basement in Belmont, Massachusetts.

While Romney owned houses in both California (purchased in May of 2008 for $12.5m) and New Hampshire (April of 2009 for $3.5m) at the time, it wouldn’t be until July of 2010 — a full six months after the Special Election to replace the late Sen. Ted Kennedy — that the state’s former Governor would once again own a house there, after purchasing an $895,000 townhouse in Belmont.

The state’s requirements for residency for the purposes of voting are quite clear in Massachusetts. One's residence must be “where a person dwells and which is the center of his domestic, social, and civil life,” according to state law. Yet, the evidence demonstrating that Romney ran afoul of those requirements in order to vote in that election are similarly clear, at least as fairly meticulously compiled by a former Republican Presidential candidate last year.

Romney’s 2010 state tax return, which he still refuses to release, even though he finally released his federal return from that same year, likely shows that he did not pay state income tax in Massachusetts, but rather declared himself to be a New Hampshire resident for its more friendly tax purposes.

Such a declaration, if revealed via his 2010 state tax return, would underscore the apparent fact that Mitt Romney himself is actually a voter fraud felon.

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