Jul 9, 2012

Global Warming Is Real—Think, Don't Just Go Outside

Annual global surface temperature relative to 1951 1980 mean,
Vertical bars at several points show estimated 95 percent
confidence range. -Source GISS Temperature graph page.
James Hansen, director of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies and author of Storms of My Grandchildren, is often called the intellectual godfather of global warming.

George Will is a hack posing as climate scientist and sage.

Hansen says we should examine empirical evidence, the historical record, climatic forcings, and his opponents' arguments to arrive at conclusions. He often quotes Richard Feynman, noting there is a pleasure of finding things out.

Will says if we wish to understand why our climate is changing, we merely have to note it is "Summer" outside, and "get over it."

Read Storms of My Grandchildren and think. It's a serious read for those concerned about the future of Earth.

George Will is not serious.

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