May 22, 2012

Scott Walker Is Desperate

Walker calls for lawyers and money
Scott Walker's campaign headquarters is secret.

Scott Walker refuses question-and-answer sessions with the Wisconsin people.

Scott Walker refuses press conferences.

Scott Walker refuses to make public his schedule.

Scott Walker makes media appearance with only rightwing outlets.

Scott Walker sets record fundraising of $10-millions, mostly from out-of-state.

Scott Walker presided over an economy bleeding jobs making Wisconsin the worst in the nation, according to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Scott Walker caused the state to lose tax revenue due to pay inequality.

Scott Walker refuses to disclose why he has set up a criminal defense fund, and transferred money from political campaign.

Scott Walker won't address calls to instruct current and former staff to tell the truth to criminal investigators.

Scott Walker is facing a federal investigation, along with the Milwaukee county John Doe criminal probe.

Conclusion of Scott Walker: His opponent is desperate.

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