May 23, 2012

As Journal-Sentinel Flacks Away, Scott Walker Goes off Script

Scott Walker meets with his propaganda team
Scott Walker said Kelly Reinfleish, "did what she was expected to do" after Walker hired and promoted her in 2010 in the Milwaukee County Executive's office.

Meanwhile, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel again parrots the GOP line: "Two weeks out from Wisconsin's historic recall election, Gov. Scott Walker appears to have momentum, money and motivated supporters on his side."

Momentum and motivated supporters?

Did Marley, Stein and Bergquist really write this lede?

Their piece's supporting facts and data present far less than a rigorous empirical case supporting their conclusion.

Scott Walker's campaign headquarters
To the contrary, out of the GOP bubble Scott Walker for the first time in Wisconsin history, has to hide his campaign headquarters so unpopular is he with a broad coalition of Wisconsin families.

The MJS piece quotes Mark Graul, GOP operative four times; cites Walker spokeswoman, Ciara Matthews twice; cites Ben Sparks, spokesman for the state Republican Party three times; and omits Walker's war on women.

Its reference to the criminal John Doe probe omits quoting from the criminal complaints that have resulted so far in 15 felonies and three misdemeanors, and in another first a sitting govenor establishing a criminal defense fund; no mention of Walker's top aides stealing from veterans; no mention of Walker usurping local control of communites; power grabs, massive cuts to education and so on.

The rest is false equivalence and tripe not worthy of Marley and Stein's typical writing. Don't know much about Bergquist.

For example:

Walker still faces considerable challenges, from determined opposition from union supporters to a John Doe investigation of his former aides while Milwaukee County executive and the fact that the previous two governors facing recalls in the country both lost. But Democrats face challenges of their own, from Walker's modest lead to the small numbers of undecided voters who could still be persuaded.
Out of the GOP bubble, Cognitive Dissidence offers this today:

Walkergate: He Said, She Said

He, being Scott Walker, discussing Kelly Rindfleish in a radio interview. [Walker] said:

'She did what she was expected to do.'

She, being Kelly Rindfleisch, discussing what she was doing while employed by Walker at Milwaukee County, said (top of page 4 of criminal complaint)

'really, half of what I'm doing is policy for the campaign...its policy stuff but its for use over there...I'm also doing operation freedom'

Isn't it refreshing to hear Scott Walker finally tell the truth?
Walker hired several aides who committed felonies that Walker says are a "distraction," so presumably Walker should get a pass from breaking several criminal state and federal statutes.

Rindfleisch's reference to Operation Freedom is Scott Walker's PR gig pretending to support veterans by appointing cronies who embezzled $10,000s meant for veterans and families, and using "the money to pay for Caribbean and Hawaiian vacations and a political trip to Atlanta to meet with Herman Cain's presidential campaign," among other dishonorable and criminal deeds.

One would think this would be quite a story dominating the campaign. But the Milwuakee Jounral-Sentinel has buried the story along with every GOP media outlet.

Kelly Rindfleisch was brought in from Columbus County, violated the residency requirement for Milwaukee County employment staying at the home of James Villa, former Chief of Staff for the Milwaukee County Executive Office and long-time personal friend of Scott Walker, and informal advisor to the Friends of Scott Walker in 2010. (The Brad Blog)

The MJS doesn't think what looks like conspiracy to secretly break Wisconsin law is sexy enough to cover during the historic recall campaign.

As the apparently weary Walker said, Kelly Rindfleisch "did what she was expected to do."

Enough of that, MJS, tell your readers about Donald Driver's dancing.

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