May 22, 2012

Scott Walker's Incredible Tale

Kelly Rindfleish promoted by Scott Walker
Update: Walker on Kelly 'Misconduct in Public Office' Rindfleish:"She did what she was supposed to do."

Walker hired and promoted Kelly Rindfleish, brought in from outside Milwaukee County.  Rindfleish later bragged in an e-mail that half her work is for the Walker 2010 campaign for Governor.
Reads the complaint, quoting Rindfleisch who communicated on the secret system run out of Walker’s executive office later retrieved by prosecutors:
(Rindfleisch is chatting with another friend)

Friend: Who do you work with?
Rindfelsich: tim russell
Friend: What are your policy areas
Rindfleisch: fran, I don’t have specific policy areas, I do projects tim gives me
Friend: what’s your title?
Rindfleisch: policy advisor
Friend: that’s fancy
Rindfleisch: but I don’t need fancy
Friend: I wish you didn’t work for government…now I can’t talk to you about campaign stuff online
Rindfleisch: I’m on my laptop, separate system
Friend: oh…not shit, so it’s cool?
Rindfleisch: yah
Friend:are you going to be helping out the campaign too?
Rindfleisch: really, half of what I’m doing is policy for the campaign, its policy stuff but its for use over there
Rindfleisch: I’m also doing Operation Freedom [link is to description of event in which Walker aides embezzled $10,000s]
As we have noted here, it is simply not credible that Scott Walker did not know that the aides he hired and promoted ran his 2010 campaign out of the Milwaukee County Executive's office.

What, You were trying to get me elected governor? You should have told me!

Walker's stance remains: He didn't know.

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