May 8, 2012

Many Dem Voters Fleeing to Falk after Walker Head Feint

Kathleen Falk
As Scott Walker floods the airwaves with anti-Tom Barrett ads, many are wondering why he presumes to know the will of Wisconsin voters he deceived last year.

No one knows who is going to show up today at the polls, or for whom voters are casting their lot.

But many, out of concern of electing the strongest general-election candidate to knock off Walker, are seeing the anti-Barrett commercials [unfair and inaccurate though they be] and considering if a 14-year executive like Kathleen Falk might be the tougher Walker foe. Maybe this is what the GOP wants.

After living as a constituent for all of Falk's tenure, I can tell you that when addressing Falk with policy disagreements, few walk away without feeling they have encourntered a mind able to repeat back objections to the satisfaction of the speaker.

Policy is made from there. And the results lead the state in every category voters care about.

Republicans may think they are being clever, but if the GOP wants Falk as a general election foe, the Party proudly off-the-bend will regret getting what it wished for.

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