May 9, 2012

Barrett and Allies in Political War with Walker and Underground Movements

Tom Barrett for Wisconsin governor
A rematch between Tom Barrett and allies against Scott Walker is a 27-day war already begun.

Many refuse to refer to Walker as Wisconsin governor as he runs from a secret campaign headquarters at an undisclosed location (seriously); and pulls in $millions out-of-state that still cannot buy him a 50 percent approval rating, mired by a criminal path in his 2010 election, top aides stealing from veterans, and the worst-in-the-nation jobs record.

Never has Wisconsin had such a fetid, corrupt governor.

Wisconsin swings three points from 2010 and Walker and secret alliances with post-Citizens United groups are defeated.

Some numbers:
  • The Recall movement, 21.6 percent of the voting-eligible population (900,939) signed the Recall Scott Walker petition during the 60-day recall period over the Holidays, begun on November 15.
  • Scott Walker won the 2010 election in Wisconsin with 1,128,941 votes (52.25%) to Tom Barrett's 1,004,303 votes (46.48%). 
  • President Obama won the 2008 election in Wisconsin with 1,677,211 (56.22%) to John McCain's 1,262,393(42.31%).

Many of 2008 voters stayed home in 2010. The same won't happen again.

God and Gop

Walker who acts like he gets his orders from God is a turn-off to a more modest Wisconsin culture. "Walker said that God has told him what to do every step of the way, including about what jobs to take, whom to marry, and when to run for governor," writes Matthew Rothschild, though presumably the Almighty didn't tell Walker and Tim Russell to set up his secret router and e-mail system in the Milwaukee County Executive's office.

Field work

The one thing the recall movement has in electoral advantage is field work. Whether it's 20 percent or five to six percent of undecideds, there are 10,000s of people who will knock on doors, call, drive voters, bake cookies, enter data, ID supporters, and do everything it takes to win an election.

Milwaukee county, which underperformed horribly in 2010 for the Democratic Party, will make a huge difference, and Walker has managed to, in the words of Tommy Thompson, stick it those guys. Milwaukee, Kenosha and Racine together might actually be enough because Walker failed [for now] in obstructing voters with the GOP voter-control project.

But battling Walker in Fond du Lac, Dodge, Wood, Marathon and Green Lake counties may also make the difference, together with racking up huge margins in traditionally progressive-voting counties: Dane, Bayfield ... .


Jobs will be the killer issue in a target-rich environment. Wisconsin remains dead-last in jobs lost.


I can only hope women as a demographic are as disgusted by the GOP war on women as really most people are. This is another game changer, potentially.


To conclude, one must note even if Walker is not charged before June 5 in the criminal John Doe probe, reading the criminal complaints of those who are should be sufficient. These top aides of Walker's whom Walker refuses to publicly instruct to tell the truth are involved in the rat's nest of illegal and shady dealing that is the 2010 Walker campaign for governor run out of the Milwaukee County Executive office. We need to get the word out.

One final note. We have not read much about Scott Walker setting up his criminally charged friends—multiple Kelly Rindfleisch, Tim Russell and Kevin Kavanaugh—as paid employees of non-profits intended to help veterans and their families. This news of betrayal is an outrage and should get wide coverage. Stealing from veterans. I'm on it, and so are a lot of my veteran friends. We won't count on WTMJ and Charlie Sykes who condone this crap.

As Walker once said about a proven-innocent women who was a civil service employee (Walker's gang are all political appointees) when Gov. Doyle was governor: "Unfortunately we have a Governor and administration that condones unethical and illegal behavior. The people of Wisconsin deserve better."

Yes, and Walker knows fully well his cronies are guilty as sin.

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