May 10, 2012

Scott Walker's Refusal to Call for Truth from All Staff

Running scared from an undisclosed location
We have 26 days until the recall election day and Scott Walker is still silent on demands that he make a public announcement to his former and current staff to tell the simple truth to John Doe criminal investigators.

This silence in the face of Walker's veterans' money-stealing top aides speaks volumes.

Forget the Wisconsin people. Lie and evade, Walker says.

Walker has repeatedly said he just wants to "help" the criminal probe, and yet he refuses to to issue this statement that would after all, respond to the Wisconsin people whom he is supposedly representing.

Tim Russell, how about you tell the truth, the whole truth?

Kelly Rindfleisch, that goes triple for you.

Why won't Walker make such public calls for the truth in the John Doe proceedings?

It's not a difficult thing to do.

The reason is clear. Walker is in over his head in criminal and corrupt dealings when he ran his 2010 campaign out of the Milwaukee executive's office.

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