May 7, 2012

GOP Daily Newspaper Goes Joe McCarthy, Runs Searchable GOP Enemies' List

Newspaper sponsors harassment and enemies' list database

Though no one publicly questions the validity of the petition to recall Scott Walker anymore, the GOP-linked Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel is sponsoring a searchable database to see who wants to recall Republicans.

Nixon's enemies' list reborn; this GOP list is searchable
and is sponsored by the press, Journal Communications Inc.
The database does the work of right-wing parties and assorted wackos who cannot stand Wisconsin citizens voting GOP politicians out of office, per the Wisconsin constitution recall provisions.

A hostile employer, a neighbor, or a violent criminal can use the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's (MJS) system to locate a name and address on the Journal-Sentinel's database and make decisions based on the list.

Already, there have been numerous death threats, acts of harassment and assaults made against recall volunteers and citizens, and people who signed the recall petition.

The database is highly user-friendly and faster and more reliable than another GOP online, recall database.

The MJS piece announcing the database today does not include reference to or the language of Article XIII, Section 12 of the Wisconsin Constitution, enshrining the right of Wisconsin citizens to recall elected officials when voters deem it appropriate.

Nor, does the MJS address concerns about crimes and assaults to civil liberties that might be made on the basis of the online list.


The MJS had taken an anti-recall Scott Walker editorial stance throughout the Walker administration.

The MJS corporate parent company, Journal Communications, Inc., took a pro-recall editorial stance when Scott Walker worked for the recall of Sen. Kohl and other democrats, and during Walker's efforts to recall the Milwaukee county executive whom Walker replaced in office.

John Doe

Walker and his 2010 campaign for governor that was run out of the Milwaukee county executive's office are now the focus of a criminal John Doe probe that has resulted in numerous criminal charges and convictions.

Walker has retained criminal defense attorneys, set up a criminal defense fund (a first for a governor in Wisconsin history), and likely will face criminal charges unless an immunity deal is reached.

Scott Walker

"The recall is not about public employees nor is it about politics as usual. It is about Walker's toxic brand of political fundamentalism -- heartless and historically unprecedented -- that should repel fair-minded, mainstream voters everywhere,"  writes Paul Fanlund in the Capital Times.

This political fundamentalism is intended to carve up the electorate as Walker takes in $millions from out-of-state contributors, some $60,000 of which has already been transferred to his criminal defense fund.

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  1. Any actionable intimidation should charge the MSJ CEO too.