Apr 18, 2012

Madison TV anchor gets death threat over signing recall petition against Scott Walker

Tony Galli of WKOW TV (Madison) reports on the Madison Police report dated March 29, 2012 indicating a phone caller made a death threat to anchor Rob Starbuck of WISC TV (Madison) for Starbuck's reported signing of the petition to recall Gov. Scott Walker.

This continues a pattern of death threats, harassment and assaults made against the recall volunteers, now extended to people who signed the recall petition. Violent and unhinged.

The report reads that an "anonymous male caller" unleashed a "verbal tirade" to the phone receptionist and states Starbuck "should be wearing a bulletproof vest, better yet he should be wearing it on his head."

The receptionist said she was"disturbed" by the incident, the report reads, and advised her colleagues of the phone call and threat.

Further, the receptionist guessed that the suspect (the caller) is "male, approximately 50 to 60 year-old."

This seriously sounds like my neighbor a recall volunteer and I encountered in December on Richmond Drive in Fitchburg, who lives a few miles from WISC TV.

From Total Recall Weekend and the Few Mad Republicans on the occasional fury that anyone dare recall Scott Walker.

One such Republican—angry and red-faced—who lives on Richmond Drive in Fitchburg, screamed at us this Sunday morning, 'You shouldn't be here doing this. You have no right. What are your names?'

His screaming, literally, continued, as we were leaving and his wife pulled him into the house, in a scene one guesses is played out often.
Our neighbor, for real, has something wrong with him, and matches the age and instability of the guy who called in the death threat. No other evidence connects him to the crime.

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