Dec 18, 2011

Total Recall Weekend and the Few Mad Republicans

Total recall weekend is winding up because of the Packer game, another rout for Wisconsin families against Scott Walker.

The required number of 540,208 signatures for the Recall has been exceeded, but it won't be announced officially as events and efforts continue through the holidays. Thousands of volunteers will continue our work for families against Scott Walker.

Amusing, from a first-person perspective: As my neighbor and I cleaned-up our turfs this morning, is the fury of the occasional Republican encountered this weekend—always a white, Republican male—over the success of the Recall movement, a sight to see.

One such Republican—angry and red-faced—who lives on Richmond Drive in Fitchburg, screamed at us this Sunday morning, "You shouldn't be here doing this. You have no right. What are your names?"

His screaming, literally, continued, as we were leaving and his wife pulled him into the house, in a scene one guesses is played out often.

"Thank you, have a nice day," we replied, and waved.

"Let's put him down as a 'no,' Don; 'hostile,'" I said as we both walked away, laughing at him, and his interpretation of Article XIII, Section 12 of the Wisconsin Constitution, the right of Wisconsin citizens to throw the lying bums out.

"Yep, the 'authoritarian Republican,'" said Don, still laughing.

But that authoritarianism, the anger that anyone would exercise the right of recall against a Republican elected official, illustrates well many of today's we-hate-rights Republicans—'You have no right!'

Yes, we do.

So, to Republicans:  If you want to recall Scott Walker: Go for it. And if you don't want to recall Walker: Don't. But this bum is history and there's is nothing you can do about it.

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