Apr 19, 2012

Why Scott Walker Is Not Throwing Anti-Veteran Crooks Under the Bus

Scott Walker is John Doe

The people of Wisconsin deserve better

Kevin Kavanaugh and Tim Russell are accused of "embezzling at least $42,232 from the Military Order of the Purple Heart between 2006 and 2009" and "embezzling funds from various campaigns and from a charity that helps military veterans and their families," respectively.

But don't look to Republicans or Scott Walker to call out these two former Walker aides and ask: How low can you go? Stealing from veterans; you're scum.

"Stealing from veterans is as much a tradition as Mom and apple pie; raping mom and stealing apple pie," said Gordon Duff, USMC Vietnam War.

I don't believe anyone associated with Scott Walker possesses Duff's eloquence, or honesty.

So I won't expect: We're not going to just throw you under the bus, we're going to run you over, and then back up and run you over again.

No, Scott Walker is too busy running out-of-state raising literally $millions to fight off the Wisconsin people.

And, if Walker actually made a public statement condemning his aides' stealing from veterans, they would testify in return that Walker condones this behavior.

After all Walker personally hired his friend, Tim Russell.

Russell just made a hail Mary motion to dismiss all charges against him. Yeah, good luck with that motion; but Walker still won't make a commitment to not pardon Russell and Kavanaugh.

Nor will Walker call on these two and the rest of his henchmen to come clean to John Doe prosecutors.

Will Walker hold a statewide town hall and explain to the Wisconsin people what he is doing spending $100,000s on criminal defense attorneys since 2011? Of course not.

As Scott Walker once said, "Unfortunately we have a Governor and administration that condones unethical and illegal behavior. The people of Wisconsin deserve better.' ...

Little can be said to underscore the seriousness of this charge. I am hopeful that the people of Wisconsin will allow me the opportunity to clean up Madison with the same fervor that guided my reform movement in Milwaukee County."

Reform movement, that's rich.

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