Apr 15, 2012

To Scott Walker: Publicly Instruct All Current and Former Staff to Tell the Truth

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker - Political Reformist?
Gov. Scott Walker is stonewalling demands for public discussion of his hiring and promoting of top staff in WalkerGate.

But—we are to believe from Republican statements—Walker's non-involvement in the criminal activity of the 2010 Walker for governor campaign conducted out of Walker's Milwaukee County executive's office is proven by his avid "help" voluntarily given to the criminal investigation, (his surrogates' attacks on the investigation notwithstanding).

All these people hired by Scott Walker and he has no idea they were campaigning on the Milwaukee tax payers' dime for his election to the governor's office he has coveted since before 2006?

Okay, since no question-and-answer session with the Wisconsin people is forthcoming, here is a modest proposal:

Scott Walker issues a public statement instructing all parties during his tenure in the Milwaukee county executive's office to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth to the John Doe prosecutors and presiding judge.

Kelly Rindfleisch

Kelly Rindfleisch, implicated up to her ears in the scandal and hired and promoted by Scott Walker, could offer the Wisconsin people who after all paid her salary ($46,000-a-year) the facts. One could say, Kelly Rindfleisch owes the truth to the people of Milwaukee County and Wisconsin.

The criminal complaint that Rindfleish—a GOP political operative—was brought in not to serve Milwaukee county but rather work in the then-secret 2010 Walker for governor campaign run out of the Executive's office can be easily dispensed with, if the truth is on Scott Walker's side.

Rindfleisch: "really, half of what I'm doing is policy for the campaign, its policy stuff but its for use over there" - via Jake's blog

Or, this whole narrative that Walker and his staff ran a 2010 Walker for governor campaign out of the executive's office has no basis in fact. How about that, a plain statement from Walker of his position to the people of Milwaukee County and Wisconsin?

Will you stand behind this assertion, Scott Walker? If you like, you could call it another example of your "cracking down on fraudulent use of government programs," as your public webpage states.

Check with the John Doe prosecutors, and the presiding judge. You can legally make an announcement asking that all personnel during Scott Walker's tenure tell the truth to criminal investigators. Some might even call it good government.

Instructions to tell the truth are not even unprecedented in political scandals.

Former President George W. Bush in 2005 said, "I have instructed every member of my staff to fully cooperate in this investigation" of the leak of the name of a CIA non-official cover (or NOC) agent.

So, to repeat, a simple announcement from Scott Walker that his former and current staff tell the simple truth.

Gov. Walker, can you do that?

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