Apr 16, 2012

MJS: John Doe probe looms over recall election

The Republicans continue to whine over the John Doe criminal investigation, but they can put this all to rest fast. Simply demand of Scott Walker aides, former and current, they tell the whole truth about the 2010 Walker campaign for governor run out of Walker's Milwaukee County Executive's office.

It's the biggest question hanging over Gov. Scott Walker's recall election:

Will Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm file additional criminal charges as part of his John Doe probe before the June 5 election?

For nearly two years, Chisholm's office has been looking into various activities in Milwaukee County during Walker's time as county executive.

So far, prosecutors have brought charges against three ex-Walker aides, one appointee and a major campaign contributor. Chisholm has sent strong signals that additional charges are in the offing.

Walker - who has set up a legal defense fund to pay his two lawyers - said recently that he trusted Chisholm and his staff to decide when and whether to file additional charges. (MJS: Dan Bice)

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