Apr 13, 2012

Scott Walker's Criminal Rise—In Pictures

From PolitiScoop - There came to the Milwaukee County Executive’s office a man who did not know. Hired Kelly Rindfleisch, promoted Kelly Rindfleisch, and hired Tim Russell; but Scott Walker had no idea these people were working in his county exec’s office to get him elected to governor.

Walker must have been shocked, shocked to find out there was campaigning going on in his office. That's why Walker just wants to help the investigation now.

With that kind of dedication, maybe we should keep him as governor.

Scott Walker hires Tim Russell for duty; now charged with
embezzling funds from various campaigns
and from a charity that helps military veterans and their families


Scott Walker hires Tim Russell


Scott Walker hires 'mulitple Kelly' Rindfleisch

Scott Walker promotes 'mulitple Kelly' Rindfleisch


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