Apr 13, 2012

David Prosser Has Lost It

David Prosser - Can we recall this guy?
Even for David Prosser, GOP justice on the Wisconsin Supreme Court, it's getting weird now.

And it's those pesky women justices behind it all.

First, Justice Ann Walsh Bradley runs throat-first into Prosser's unsuspecting (Lueders, Golden, Halsted, and Shipley), and Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson has the temerity to witness the assault, along with most of the Court.

They can't judge me, says Prosser.

The Journal-Sentinel (Marley) notes yesterday:

The state Judicial Commission filed allegations last month that said Prosser had violated the ethics code for judges when he put his hands on Bradley's neck during a confrontation in June. Prosser contends Bradley came at him with fists raised and that his hands touched her neck when he put them up in a reflex.

Prosser said in his filings that Bradley had to recuse herself because of her involvement in the incident and that Abrahamson had to recuse herself because she witnessed it and is biased against him.
As ludicrous as the Court rules are for judging ethical conduct, maintained by the four GOP justices of course, Prosser is unstable and has a thing against his betters, especially when they are female "total bitch(es)," in the words of Prosser.

"It is unfortunate -- some might even say absurd -- that each individual justice is the final arbiter on the question of whether she or he ought to accuse," Abrahamson wrote. (WisPolitics)

Prosser sure hates women like Abrahamson and Bradley; but it is his position as a voting justice—bought and paid for by the GOP—that ought to concern us as well.

When Prosser was running for reelection last in March 2011, he campaigned openly telling special interests how his past votes advanced their interests, not even bothering to declare himself an impartial jurist ascertaining the law and impartially applying it to cases that come before the state's top appellate court.

As reported in March 2011 (Sandler):

Speaking to the Rotary Club of Milwaukee on Tuesday, Justice David Prosser highlighted several of his decisions that he said had benefited Milwaukee County businesses ... With one week before the election, Prosser said Milwaukee County was crucial in the campaign. Then he listed several Supreme Court rulings in which he had joined in decisions that he said were 'very helpful' to local interests ...
At the time Prosser's opponent, Assistant Attorney General JoAnne Kloppenburg [who just won a judgeship in the Spring election on the District Four Court of Appeals], "called [Prosser's] statements inappropriate for a judicial contest. ... Kloppenburg said a judge shouldn't use his rulings to seek political support. ... Prosser 'has this partisan approach to being a judge.'" (Sandler, MJS)

What a bitch, right David?

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