Apr 23, 2012

How to lose jobs, and drive down wages

Wisconsin presents a rare experiment of what happens when Koch brothers' and ALEC prescriptions for government are put into place; the results are plain and ugly.

Targeting the working class, about whom Abe Lincoln said "all that serves labor, serves the nation. All that harms labor is treason," is not just terrible macro-economics, it's anti-American.

"When Wisconsin ranks dead last in something as important as job creation, it’s obvious we have a problem. While the overall economy and our Midwestern neighbors are adding jobs at a pace consistent with our national recovery, Wisconsin shouldn't be losing jobs, and yet since Scott Walker became governor, we're worst-in-the-nation," stated Michelle McGrorty, executive director of the Greater Wisconsin Political Fund. "Scott Walker's job-killing agenda of slashing education and job training while lavishing tax giveaways on his corporate donors has been a miserable failure."

The sector of Wisconsin doing well now is the dozens of Scott Walker cronies, whom he turned into political appointees with hefty raises—all rubber-stamped by the Republicans in the legislature. And of course those contributors to the Scott Walker campaign who are the recipients of massive taxpayer gave-aways.

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