Apr 23, 2012

Sexual Harassment in Scott Walker Gov; Perp Keeps Spot in Wisc GOP Party Leadership

Manuel “Manny” Perez - Former Wisconsin 
Dept. of Workforce Development 
(DWD) Secretary
Landing on his feet in the GOP

Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development (DWD) Secretary Manuel “Manny” Perez suddenly announced in May 2011 that he had resigned to pursue new opportunities in the private sector.

Allegations came to light that Perez resigned because he sexually harassed or engaged in "inappropriate conduct" with a high-level Wisconsin DWD administrator whom Perez announced had been appointed in late January 2011, according to a DWD employee. (Mal Contends. November 11, 2011)

After denials by Perez he harassed an employee [and that he quit his post because of the alleged harassment] and outright denials by the DWD that a complaint was lodged against Perez (WKOW) (November 28, 2011), Patrick Marley and Don Walker of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel uncovered an e-mail that appears to confirm the existence of a sexual harassment complaint in Scott Walker's administration made against Perez (Nov. 25, 2011).

End of story? Perez quits. Terms reached? No.

According to the Republican Party of Wisconsin "Party Leadership" webpage, Manual Perez now serves as an executive in the "Republican Wisconsin Heritage Council."

Perez is listed under the "Executive and District Leadership" heading.

The New 'Traditional Wisconsin Values' of the Republican Party of Wisconsin are: Hypocrisy and harassment.

As Patrick Marley and Don Walker write last November:

The Department of Workforce Development is in charge of trying to connect workers with jobs. Under Walker, Perez started the job in January but abruptly quit in May ... .

Around the time he left, Perez said he had been escorted out of the building by a Capitol Police officer, which he said was standard procedure.

Walker spokesman Cullen Werwie declined to comment on whether the governor knew about the harassment complaint against Perez and the circumstances of the departures of Perez, [former DWD Secretary] Baumbach and (the harassment victim).

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