Feb 22, 2012

Voters Not Happy on First Day of Voter ID Law

Wisconsin Tech school students: Still waiting
on word from Scott Walker
Update III: Madison voters turned away at polls for lacking photo ID. "She was fairly recently in a car accident and couldn't make it to the DOT to get a Wisconsin ID," said Melanie Sax, the chief elections inspector at the polling location at Trinity United Methodist Church on Vilas Avenue. The woman, who does not drive, has neither a driver's license nor a state ID.

That woman is Marge Curtin—disenfranchised.

Update II: 69-year old veteran Gil Paar was shocked when poll workers told him his photo I.D. from the V.A. wasn’t on the accepted list. ... “There’s a possibility that a veteran could have only this type of I.D., because he’s had a stroke, let’s say, up at the V.A. hospital. And because of that, he had his driver’s license taken away. So case in point, he would have only this Veterans Administration I.D. through the hospital.

“And they’re telling me I can’t use it, I couldn’t use it. this is not right. you’ve got a guy who serves, does his time in the Air Force, or Army or the Navy, and then he comes home and can’t vote? What the f—- did I go in for?” (Racine Jounral-Times)

Update: U.S. senators on Tuesday asked the Government Accountability Office to study what they called an "alarming number" of new state laws that will make it "significantly harder" for millions of eligible voters to cast ballots this November.

As an observer from the NAACP looked on, the 200-plus voters in one Fitchburg voting district yesterday presented an electorate irritated with the GOP's new voter ID requirements.

Wisconsin's voter ID law was passed without any Democratic votes, and no dissenting Republican votes.

Rejected, per the new statute, yesterday was an Army Reserve ID that did not include an expiration date.

Many comments from voters were made to election workers: Including "What's next, retina scans?" and "Here to pay my poll tax."

One woman who was inexplicably purged from the polls and tried to re-register objected to the voter registration process as too invasive.

Though the voter ID law, Republicans say, is intended to stop rampant voter impersonation at the polls, not one case of voter impersonation in Wisconsin has been prosecuted going back decades.

But Republicans remain optimistic they can stop enough Democratic-leaning citizens from voting to sway a close election, concentrating on suppressing college and tech students, the elderly and black voters in Milwaukee.

A research report by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Employment and Training Institute shows that over 177,000 elderly persons in Wisconsin aged 65 and older do not possess a driver's license or state photo identification.


  1. "Rejected, per the new statute, yesterday was an Army Reserve ID that did not include an expiration date."

    Nice try, all DOD CAC's(Military Identification) have an expiration date on it. One second, let me pull mine out... There it is! Funny thing, the expiration is right on the front.

    Either someone is lying about the incident, or it was a fake ID card.

    Kleemann, David
    (Spent 4 1/2 years Active Army, Inactive Ready Reserve 1 1/2 years, Wisconsin National Guard 1/2 year)

  2. Mr. Kleemann,

    You are incorrect.

    I know because I was there. And my fellow election inspector [a man named Dale] and I both rejected the Army Reserve ID because it did not have an expiration date. This made the photo ID unacceptable under GAB rules which we were bound to follow. This occured during the P.M. shift at Fitchburg Fire Station #2 polling place.

    The expiration date is not on the front; nor could we locate the date on the back.

  3. Then it has to be a fake ID, as I can prove it. AR 600-8-14 covers "Identification Cards For Members Of The Uniformed Services, Their Family Members, And Other Eligible Personnel".

    According to page 295, Attatchment 12, Table A12.1. Expiration Date Guidelines, it shows what category their expiration date falls into.

    Seriously MAL, if it didn't have an expiration date on it, then it is a fake. If you believe I'm lying, head over to any Army (Active/Reserve/Guard) recruiting station and ask them. You can't win this arguement.

    Or if driving to a recruiter's office to confirm what I'm saying is too hard, here is the Army Public Affairs phone number (703-693-5084), I'm sure they will provide you the same answer I gave you.

    If you really did witness an Amry Reservist with an ID that had no expiration date on it, then that guy is a poser with a fake ID.

    I wonder if you respond to me after you double check this for yourself... I'm providing solid evidence (Army Regulations) to back up my claims.

  4. I can't give you any personalized info on the guy. But here's what I have for you.

    I don't think you are lying.

    The ID is not rectangle-horizontally-shaped like a credit card. Rather it is verticaly-shaped [if you will].

    I checked with my fellow poll worker, Dale, and said words to the effect of, 'Do you see an expiration date?'

    The string of code symbols on both sides are very small, so we both took a few moments to look for the expiration date, and struck out; asking for a license or state ID. The gentleman did present a license, and I got the feeling he was making a point by handing his card reading "Army Reserve" first, and then his license. Literally everyone else presented their driver's license [already out in their hands] in the some 80 voters I checked (out of some 209 voters at the site].

    Military IDs are an acceptable form of photo ID, under GAB regs.

    It's possible it's a fake. But I doubt it. My read is the voter appeared a straight-shooter type, so I doubt he was engaging in fraud (not that you are suggesting this].

    The most likely explanation is that the guy had some other type of Army Reserve ID [speculating]; or perhaps the expiration date was buried on reverse side. But I don't know.

    I did call the number you gave me, and the Major transferred me to another Major (who handles Army Reserve queries). She did say it's "conceivable" that some Army Reserve IDs would NOT have the expiration date. She was going to confirm this with somebody else, but they [Fort Bragg] are getting hit with some sort of storm, so I told her to not bother.

    Update: She just called back and said, her superior says all military-issued IDs have expiration dates; maybe old IDs have data washed out?

    Sounds to me like it's possible some military IDs do not have expiration dates visable; but certainly unconfirmed. Neither of us could find the date, hence our asking for a license.

    What I do know is that fraud impersonation at the polls is a crime I could not find as occuring in Wisconsin. The only instance I could find nationally is James O'Keefe in New Hampshire.
    - http://tpmmuckraker.talkingpointsmemo.com/2012/01/okeefe_voter_fraud_stunt_confused_23-year-old_for_dead_84-year-old.php


  5. Yea, Ft Bragg has a Tornado watch. Saw a text from a buddy training in the field, they're laying low because of the lighning and winds...

    I would say it is possible that it might have been washed out, as I've had Military ID's fade... But technically a faded ID is against regs anyways so he should have got it replaced. I'd be willing to bet this guy was posing... Unfortunately there are large numbers of people falsely claiming to have served.

    Thank you for following up on it.