Feb 8, 2012

Scott Walker Gets to Decide If Tech School IDs Are Okay to Vote

Tech School ID - Okay with Scott Walker?

Look for Scott Walker to allow technical school IDs to be used to vote in Wisconsin elections.

If Scott Walker uses his power grab—making him the final arbiter of administrative rules—to forbid technical school IDs from being used to vote in Wisconsin elections, Walker's corruption and bad faith will be on full display.

The power of Walker to veto administrative rules was gained by a 2011 Walker-called legislature special session that was supposed to center on job creation, as noted by Democrats and good government observers.

Look for Walker to allow technical school IDs to be used to vote in Wisconsin elections.

With the spotlight on Walker corruption and legal challenges to the voter obstruction law likely to result in its being struck down before November, Walker cannot afford more naked displays of corruption that can be easily prevented.

From the State Journal:

It's now up to the governor to decide whether technical school IDs can be used to vote in Wisconsin.

The Government Accountability Board on Tuesday approved a change in election rules that would add technical school IDs to the list of acceptable voter IDs.

That list includes state driver's license, state ID, university or military ID, passport, naturalization papers and tribal IDs.

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