Sep 17, 2011

Wisconsin GOP Targets Madison City Police, Citizens

GOP's nightmare

Wisconsin's counter-offensive against GOP-Tea Party attacks on the working class has provoked the Wisconsin Republican Party to declare political war against anyone, including now the city of Madison police who remain committed to the First Amendment and Article 1 rights of Wisconsinites protesting the Koch brothers and the GOP

The echos of the pioneering civil rights activist and Madison Police Chief David Couper [Marine, Chief of Police in Madison from 1972-1993] live on in current Madison Police Chief Noble Wray to the consternation of the GOP.

The GOP cannot stand any challenge to what it views as its authority over the public. No protests. Close the capitol. Police must enforce the will of the Party.

People assemble and make their voices known. Nein, nein, nein!

To understand the GOP mind, consider the reaction to Wisconsinites gathering together to express their discontent with the Scott Walker regime this year:

GOP Locks Capitol Down, U.S. Rep Obey (1969-2011) denied entry into capitol

Contra the Madison police and Dane County Sheriff's office who refused to be Walker's palace guard, Wisconsin capitol police chief, Charles Tubbs, dishonored his office, catering to the Department of Administration Walker lackeys in closing the capitol on orders form the Party.

After Scott Walker "dropped the bomb" on Wisconsin citizens, a stark image from March is of a Wisconsin legislator [Nick Milroy (D-South Grange)] being tackled to the ground for trying to get to his office as Walker unlawfully closed down the capitol.

Republicans are so hostile to the idea of a democratic republic that a judge had to order the Wisconsin capitol open to the public in early March.

Other examples of GOP hostility to democracy abound today.

U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan’s office threatened constituents with arrest and investigation.

Now, Wisconsin Republicans are declaring open war on Madison police leadership with a racial slap at Police Chief Noble Wray.

Chief Noble Wray told a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter that questions about his department's conduct during the protests constitute "almost a slap in the face."

As John Peterson writes, "The myth of violence, vandalism and thuggery during the protests is the lie their pushing, repeating and burning into the mind of Wisconsinites who weren’t there. It’s like George W. Bush said, 'catapulting the propaganda.'"

There is a clear choice, and the fight against anti-democratic forces is worth joining.

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