Mar 4, 2011

Judge Orders Capitol Open, GOP Attacks Continue

A shameful display of hostility toward constitutional freedoms was dealt a blow yesterday as Dane County Judge John Albert ordered restrictions on political freedoms by Gov. Scott Walker, the Dept of Administration (DOA) and Capital police be halted.

I had phoned my state representative, speaking to Terese Berceau Thursday afternoon.

Berceau's office confirmed no one has ever seen anything like the denial of civil liberties instituted at the behest of Walker and carried out by capital police who would have made 1940s-era Good Germans proud.

I, like all Wisconsin citizens, remained forbidden to walk into the Capitol and drop by my elected representives' offices without police escort.

We have an outlaw governor targeting the state of Wisconsin, with DOA employees and police carrying out the will of Scott Walker.

Clearly, the police do not take seriously any oath of fidelity to the state and federal constitutions.

Former U.S Representative David Obey faced a similar gauntlet (see story below).

Yesterday, WISN TV (Milwaukee) reported in what should be shocking video that "Democratic state Rep. Nick Milroy (South Grange) was tackled by police Thursday evening while he was trying to make it inside the Capitol in Madison."

I made phone contact with one capital police officer Sgt. David Horton Thursday, and he said he is just "following orders" from the higher-ups at the state Department of Administration.

What orders would you refuse to carry out? Would you shoot a protester, if asked? Horton refused to answer.

The assaults on Wisconsin citizens are legion. We can only hope the response meets this despicable action.

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