Feb 23, 2011

Scott Walker Caught on Tape; Unethical, Lying, Willing to Sacrifice 1,000s of Families

This is real.

Walker is even more the scheming, corrupt, cynical, unfeeling liar than even we had believed. Walker attests on tape to being willing to sacrifice 1,000s of working families for purely political ends.

Read the Walker-Koch transcript.

Scott Walker is toast.

From Mother Jones:

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's office confirms that the recording of a call between the governor and an alt-weekly writer posing as David Koch, one of the billionaire GOP financier brothers, is real and that it is actually Walker on the recording.


  1. When the truth comes out about Tea Party Regime leaders it will never be pretty. How the bad seem to get to power is a shame. The damage they :Bush Years: do the country take years to undo. To hurt so many to make a few richer is a sad time in the USA. The GOP cause all the problems to begin with and they are not easy to solve. Letting them in power now will destroy 98% of us.

  2. How can it be allowed to use your power in office to use as such political evil. If the Dems. did that can you hear the Tea Party Regime. This is a game changer that they will regret at some point. The GOP saids they are Anti Government and they show it at each level as they destroy this country. Why do people not see that. Who was better off after 8 years of the GOP. Oh right, the top 2% of them. Wait till you see them at each others throats. Sad times.