Jun 27, 2011

David Prosser Chokes Woman Colleague

Multiple sources say Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser (R-Wisconsin) grabbed fellow justice, Ann Walsh Bradley, by the neck and briefly choked her on June 13, the day before the Court corruptly ruled [4-3] against collective bargaining rights of state public employees and the open meeting clause of the Wisconsin Constitution. Justice Bradley also affirmed the attack.

Update: Two Wisconsin Agencies Now Investigating Alleged Judge-on-Judge Assault

Bill Lueders of the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism reports:
Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser allegedly grabbed fellow Justice Ann Walsh Bradley around the neck in an argument in her chambers last week, according to at least three knowledgeable sources. But other sources have offered a conflicting account, and Prosser on Saturday declared that the claims, once investigated, will be 'proven false.'

Details of the incident, first disclosed Saturday morning in a joint report by Wisconsin Public Radio and the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism, remain sketchy. The sources spoke on the condition that they not be named, citing a need to preserve professional relationships.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, in an article published late Saturday, reported that the incident took place in Justice Bradley’s chambers on June 13, the day before the court issued its decision upholding a bill to curtail the collective bargaining rights of public employees.The sources who spoke to the Center and WPR said an argument about that ruling culminated in a physical altercation in the presence of other justices. They say Bradley purportedly asked Prosser to leave her office, whereupon Prosser grabbed Bradley by the neck with both hands. ...

In March, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reportedthat, in a disagreement over a case last year, Justice Prosser had called [Chief Justice] Justice Abrahamson a 'total bitch' and threatened to 'destroy' her.
Prosser is the former GOP speaker of the Wisconsin State Assembly and is known to occasionally becoming unhinged. See video: David Prosser Gets Butchy, Ahh Bitchy.

Prosser won reelection by less than one percent after a 13-year former Assembly Republican caucus computer specialist [and now County Clerk of heavily GOP Waukesha County] who last year insisted—over the objections of I/T experts concerned about integrity of election data—that her election results collection-tallying system must be placed under her personal control for "security" (MJS) reasons claimed to have found 14,315 votes two after election day that tipped the race to her old boss, Prosser, after an incident in which she claims to have personally failed to save some election results. Prosser won the April race with some 7,000 votes out of some 1.4 million cast.

We have said before here that Prosser is a quarrelsome man who lost his 1996 race as a Republican nominee for congress in the right-leaning Wisconsin 8th district because he was a bad cultural fit for the bigoted milieu of traditional gender roles that predominates in Northeast Wisconsin. See also National ReviewTries to Masculate David Prosser.

This guy does not like women, an attribute typical of the self-loathing, closeted Republican.

If Prosser were to resign, a special election next April would be held.

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