Jun 24, 2011

Hopper buys new home, throws new fundraiser

GOP Hypocrite, Randy 'Bed' Hopper
WKOW TV reports State Sen. Randy Hopper brought a new home, and among the first things he did was hold a fundraiser.

House-warming gifts:

  • Raising money to screw his constituents 
  • Ditching local, community control
  • Sleeping with real constituents, Scott Walker and the Koch brothers
No news on whether his GOP mistress is moving in to Fondy from Madison.
Hopper buys home, throws fundraiser

Fond du Lac County records show Sen. Randy Hopper purchased a home on the eve of a scheduled, political fundraiser at the residence featuring former republican governor Tommy Thompson.

Records show Hopper (R-Fond du Lac) finalized the purchase with a deed filed on June 22. Records show Hopper bought the Fond du Lac home from former owner Victoria Sadoff for $240,000. The property’s 2011 assessed value is $269,000.

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