Jun 29, 2011

More Proof That Supreme Court Decision Was Political, Not Judicial

Update II: Prosser Unhinged: First A Throat, Now A Mike

Update: National Review, which during the campaign in March had run a 2,300-word piece depicting Prosser as a "gruff" man, now is flacking for Prosser saying they have a witness who according to the GOP Wisconsin Policy Research Institute writer, says: "[Justice] Bradley charged toward Prosser, shaking her clenched fist in his face ... ."

The GOP does stick together. Betting that witness just happens to be a Republican.

Republican rule is marked by corrupt policymakers who are isolated, removed from the community of citizens for whom they claim to speak.

In David Prosser's case, this closeted, self-loathing man has let loose his misogyny and hatred of the rule of law and the society from which he hides.

Cognitive Dissidence has a piece today:

So now, apparently without consulting case history or of applicable case law, Prosser not only joined his colleagues in issuing a predetermined ruling, but also wrote his own opinion on the case, in which he took absolute glee in his diatribe against Judge Sumi.

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