Apr 27, 2011

Now is the time, President Obama

Update: Obama Backs Workers, Slams Attacks on Rights

Just over three months ago Scott Walker and the Koch Brothers launched their program [Walker called it "the bomb"] attacking families and local control of government, followed by Paul Ryan's project to eviscerate Medicare.

The people reacted, defending rights won in hard struggles over the span of decades.

Many have been wondering if and when President Obama will also push back politically, declaring no compromise with economic terrorists: Walker, the Kochs, the Tea Party-GOP.

Adele M. Stan sees Obama attacking Paul Ryan's detructive budget plan as a  proxy for taking on the GOP-Koch blitzkrieg, right as overt appeals to racism increase and "the largest legislative effort to scale back voting rights in a century" accelerates. (NYT citing The Advancement Project)

Attacking Ryan is fine, but a full-blown political D-Day is what we need.

The grassroots in Wisconsin (like the nation) is leading—students, labor, farmers, seniors, community groups: Non-GOP sectors whose vote the GOP is trying to obstruct.

In the face of all this, President Obama, it's time to crash the schedule, assuming your goals and objectives are the same as progressives. Join the team.

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