Apr 26, 2011

Franklin Graham Continues Bigotry and Exclusion, Aimed at Pres. Obama

The despicable Franklin Graham was properly skewered on the Lawrence O'Donnell show last night for spouting Birther nonsense, continuing the long Graham tradition of bigotry and ignorance.

Now, Graham is rolling out the true nature of the Other occupying the oval office as the GOP searches for its candidate with the right combination of racism and dedication to dismantlement of anything not corporate or fundamentalist.

In a well-publicized rebuke last year [thanks to the work of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation and Mikey Weinstein], Graham—a dedicated anti-Semitic Dominionist Christian—was disinvited to the National Day of Prayer ceremony at the Pentagon.

But Graham needs no incentive from President Obama or those Christ-killing Jews to inflame his flock of bigots afraid of the scary black man looking like a lock for four more years.

Muslims, Jews, and assorted disbelievers of Graham's brand of mythology are all destined to be judged and not very well, Graham assures us, as he raves on in his old-fashioned xenophobic vein of hatred to save America as a Christian nation.

All the unbelievers can go to hell.

Thank you Lawrence O'Donnell. Graham stands exposed for all to see.

Just wish everybody were watching. O'Donnell has really found his voice as he pounds the ignorance that is a prerequisite for the 2012 GOP presidential nominee.

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