Mar 7, 2011

Walker Running Rabid

Update: As gift to insurance industry, Walker wants to freeze self-supporting State Life Fund. (Zweifel)

The Oshkosh Norhtwestern has an editorial noting the Scott Walker budget makes "Walker the defacto mayor and city manager of Oshkosh," as Walker proposes to slash state aid to municipalities while installing state mandates.

Though Gov. Scott Walker never campaigned on his array of radical changes ranging from jettisoning local control, attacking collective bargaining, assuming state control of county human service functions, gutting school budgets, and cutting recycling funding, among many other attacks on Wisconsin, Walker is pursuing this GOP agenda with the fervor of someone who believes he has won a tremendous mandate from the Wisconsin people.

Hiking state taxes on working families--check, says Walker.

Whaaat, say Wisconsin families.

Walker's posture is as dishonest as the GOP effort to end same day voter registration, and install a $multi-million voter ID regime right at the time Walker insists the state is broke.

National GOP operatives look to Wisconsin today as a compass of what they can get away with.

GOP money from corrupt billionaires is flowing into the state as is GOP strategic political advice urging discord between school districts and employees, public and private workers, and mass privatization, while hoping the revealed agenda will sail through the fog without anyone noticing.

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