Mar 7, 2011

Sen. Jauch on Walker: "I don't believe anything he says"

I seriously question now whether Gov. Scott Walker knows the truth from lying.

Walker rebuffed a request for a meeting with the Democratic Senators and then said Senate Minority Leader Mark Miller "is firmly standing in the way" of negotiation and a compromise, a blatant lie.

"Right now, I'm so damn mad at his misrepresentation of the truth and the public should be as well," said Sen. Bob Jauch, one of two Democrats who had talked last week with the Senate Republican leader about possible compromises. "Trust is completely broken down now. I don't believe anything he says." (Bauer, AP)

Maybe Walker thinks he can lie to the people of Wisconsin because he sincerely believes he’s following orders from the Lord from whom presumably Walker was led to take $100,000s from the Koch brothers. (Rothschild)

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