Mar 8, 2011

Walker Continues Lying and Posturing in Circus-Stunt Press Conference

Via the AFLCIO --Despite his posturing to the contrary, it is Scott Walker who is unwilling to engage in good-faith negotiation with Democrats who are standing up for the 74% of Wisconsinites that oppose his budget repair bill.

The recent Reuters headline – “Wisconsin’s Walker vows no compromise on unions” – demonstrates clearly he has no interest in compromising, just creating the illusion of compromise as his polling numbers sink to record-low levels.

"Walker again today reiterated the lie that all he is asking for is modest contributions from labor on health care and pension contributions. We have already accepted every sacrifice on wages and benefits Walker insisted upon and yet he won’t take ‘yes’ for an answer." said Marty Beil, Executive Director Wisconsin State Employees Union AFSCME Council 24.

"When are corporations going to make their shared sacrifice to fix Wisconsin’s budget?" asked Stephanie Bloomingdale, Wisconsin State AFL-CIO. "In fact, Scott Walker’s plan calls for huge give backs to the corporate special interests that bankrolled his campaign. Walker’s power grab has nothing to do with the budget and everything to do with stripping workers of our bargaining rights."

Given that Walker’s refusal to negotiate in good faith was embarrassingly revealed in a phone call with someone he believed was his billionaire political benefactor David Koch, it is beyond comprehension that he would suggest Democrats are taking direction from out-of-state phone calls. Indeed, it was an out-of-state phone call from ‘Koch’ that directed Walker to take his ‘baseball bat’ to Wisconsin’s working families and launch an all-out assault on the middle class.

It’s time for Scott Walker stop the lies, end the showboating, and come to the table to negotiate a deal that gets Wisconsin moving forward again.

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