Mar 9, 2011

Walker offered to hurt state workers less than he said

Nothing Gov. Scott Walker says is to be taken at face value.

A self-professed Christian who thinks lying and scheming for his political ends are fine and using lay-offs and attacking families are okay, Walker games everything--budgets, manufactured crises, families, decades of cooperation for the public good, women's health, the environment, local control ... . The list seems endless.

Now, as Walker offers press conference after press conference demonizing public workers and those Democratic senators standing up for them, e-mails released say even these public postures are a lie, and even his selective e-mail leaking is called into question.

Walker, your credibility is lost and the only thing we can count on from you is more lies.

"Scott Walker is literally being sued by multiple Wisconsin media outlets for failing to release emails related to the budget repair bill, yet he’s willing to selectively leak emails he believes create the illusion he’s willing to make concessions.

"Behind the smoke and mirrors, Scott Walker is still hell-bent on stripping all collective bargaining rights from thousands of Wisconsin workers – including child care providers, Quality Home Care Workers, UW Faculty and Academic Staff. The very few bargaining rights he uses to create the illusion he’s willing to compromise are still drastically limited, and the ability of unions to effectively bargain would still be eliminated entirely," writes Rick Badger, Executive Director AFSCME Council 40.

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