Mar 27, 2011

Scott Walker Regime Requires Inattention and Despair from Citizens; They Won't Get It April 5

Update: NRO: "To win, GOP officials say [David] Prosser will need to draw strong numbers from emerging conservative pockets in Waukesha, Washington, Ozaukee, and Racine counties. If voters from these areas don’t show, but liberals pile into voting booths in Dane County and Madison proper, Kloppenburg could cruise to victory."

There's talk voter turnout in the Spring election (April 5) will be massive, perhaps rivaling the November 2010 election featuring a U.S. Senate and gubernatorial race.

The 2010 general election turnout was nothing to write home about: Half of eligible voters did not cast a vote, giving Scott Walker a 52-47 percent victory that he mistook for a mandate from God.

Still, it beats the typical Spring election, twenty percent turnout in a good year. Citizens tune out.

In 2010, a mere 26 percent of eligible Wisconsin voters cast their lot for Walker with the disastrous consequences that may be averted thanks to the furious and newly politicized Wisconsin families.

But the people who didn't voteor voted for Walker expecting something differenthad what Walker needs: Inattention, apathy and despair. He won't get that this election.

As for policy misunderstandings and expectations, Walker isn't fooling anyone any more. And neither is the GOP stooge, David Prosser.

This time voters are tuned in.

Prosser Equals Walker

The results from 2010 paint an unusual electoral picture.

The two most populous counties, Milwaukee and Dane, gave Walker an electoral thrashing: 61-37 percent, and 67-30 percent respectively. Together, Milwaukee and Dane counties comprise a full 25 percent of the statewide vote.

But that was not enough to defeat Walker though historically a Democrat carrying Milwaukee county with the above margin spells victory.

In the post-Walker-served-three-months political era, the anti-Walker margin will increase in Milwaukee and Dane counties where Walker first launched his blitzkrieg before declaring war on the rest of the state.

In the big statewide race between the Walker-loving, child molester-protecting Supreme Court Justice David Prosser, and the facts-and-law candidate, JoAnne Kloppenburg, there is ample cause for optimism.

Consider Fond du Lac, Dodge and Portage counties.

In Fond du Lac and Dodge counties combined, Walker carried 65 percent of the vote. I guarantee you this performance will change substantially for the Walker-supporting GOP hack, David Prosser whom even his right-leaning hometown newspaper refused to endorse.

In Portage county, Walker carried 42 percent. Prosser will not come close to that figure in April.

Sixteen state senators are the object of recall campaigns.

This means in a phrase: People know. They're paying attention and are engaged.

It's what democracy looks like. And democracy is a horrifying image for the likes of Walker, Fitzgerald, Hopper, Prosser, Darling, the whole miserable bunch of autocrats, liars and hypocrites.

Look for the defeat of the Walker-loving David Prosser to herald the recalls of the Republican Eight. Then next year: On to Scott Walker.

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