Mar 26, 2011

MAL Is Running a 36-Hour Fundraiser

MAL at the Capitol
Update: Thank you! And see Republican leaders are counting on people being lost in the fray, caught off guard. (Sheilah)

To fund many, many hours of research, field work, gas and writing for MAL's Fight [our fight] against the Republican Party of Wisconsin, and for families:

Consider making a one-time [small] secure financial contribution by clicking on the Pay Pal button to the right of this column, just below the CoExist icon.

Thank you! I will not stop. And we will not fail.

MAL Contends blog on the Rachel Maddow Show blasting Randy Hopper and Wisconsin Republicans. (March 21, 2011)

- Michael Leon is a writer living in Madison, Wisconsin. His writing has appeared nationally in The Progressive, The Advocate, In These Times and CounterPunch, Veterans Today, and locally in the Isthmus, Capital Times, Wisconsin State Journal and Corporate Report Wisconsin. Leon works as a writer, editor, veterans' advocate, and public relations consultant.

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