Mar 26, 2011

No Let-up on State Senator Randy Hopper

People are looking for recall petitions to sign

Though it's all over the Net that the recall campaign of State Senator Randy Hopper (R-Fond du Lac) has generated over the minimum amount of signatures, the message out of Fondy is: No let-up.

Legions of people in Senate District 18 want to lead the movement to stop the Republican Party—what has become an autocratic, nihilistic experiment in government against the people.

A recall signature is the first step because you can be damn sure Walker, Hopper and the Fitzgeralds don't care what you think or do.

Hopper and the regime think they can get away with anything; no consequences, no regrets.

Many political time bombs await; because the truth is: These aren't very bright guys and things are getting out of hand.

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