Feb 28, 2011

One of us

"[H]e’s not one of us," said Gov. Scott Walker in a phone call with a man he thought was his billionaire friend, David Koch, referring a Democratic legislator.

We know who Scott Walker is: A rightwing, anti-family ideologue so convinced in his own righteousness that he refuses to speak with those whom he regards as not one of us.

Teachers are getting hit first. Health care workers like EMTs and nurses, the list goes on.

Walker tried to emote how bad he felt about 1,000s losing their jobs; as if Walker has nothing to do with this tragedy. But Wisconsin families are pawns to Scott Walker.

Let's recall this so-called budget crisis has been shown by the Legislative Fiscal Bureau to be a fiction, a talking point for Walker to use when he reduces state revenues by $5.3 billion.

Family services and workers can make up the difference, Walker believes.

To Walker they're not one of us. He's wrong.

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