Feb 27, 2011

NBC News Asks Walker about Planting Troublemakers

Walker's appearance leaves questions unanswered

Appearing on NBC's Meet the Press with David Gregory, embattled Gov. Scott Walker repeated his obfuscations on suggestions by a phone caller whom Walker believed was rightwing political billionaire, David Koch, as revealed in the Walker-Koch Tapes [text here].

After Gregory asked Walker about his taped statement, "We thought about that," infiltrating the protests with agents provocateur, Walker repeatedly said he "rejected" this suggestion.
"But we have people all the time who contact us for and against this bill, and you can imagine people with all sorts of ideas and suggestions, and we look at everything that's out there."

Questions for Gov. Walker
  • Gov. Walker, who made this absurd suggestion?
  • When?
  • What was your response exactly?
  • Why didn't you tell the person you believed to be David Koch that planting agents provocateur was a crazy idea?
  • Why didn't you tell the faux Koch to get lost and not even think about endangering Wisconsin families?

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