Mar 28, 2023

Hatred of Jews — It's Here, Real and as Dangerous as Ever

'Antisemitism is not just the Jewish community’s issue. It’s everybody’s'

Madison, Wisconsin — I was perusing an excellent new Substack website of a progressive, writing about the anniversary of the Iraq War invasion and lies.

Left a 'hello' comment for author from my wife and me, who had picked the gentleman up from the Dane County airport 20 years ago.

Then I was immediately trolled by this lunatic, one Clarence Wilhelm Spangle, writing in part: "Fuck you and your Jewish god. . . . The United States government is a wholly owned subsidiary of the American Israeli political Action Committee."

I had not been trolled like that in a while and not with this vile anti-Semitism.

I called a friend who has devoted the majority of his life fighting for civil liberties and against anti-Semitism, Mikey Weinstein, and received the following profile intel on Clarence Wilhelm Spangle:

First, the name ‘Nordic Pagan Solider” was not significant other than being connected to this Clarence Wilhelm Spangle. I found two other websites where this Clarence Spangle posts virulently anti-Semitic Hitler-loving garbage.  The first is Bitchute (a site similar to YouTube) and along with anti-Semitic videos such as "FUCK YOU AND YOUR JEWISH GOD RACE MIXING LOSERS," his about section contains the Nazi SS motto, “ϟϟ Meine Ehre heißt Treue ϟϟ”


From there, I found a website called Ancient Faces where Spangle posts pictures of Hitler and used the same Nazi SS motto. However, he also posted his interest in the surname Wilman and made a few posts regarding a real person named August E Wilman who died in Carmel, California in the early 2000s.  

Ref: and ref:

I’d speculate that he’s related to this August Wilman or a friend but with that nugget of real information he provided, I found a Clarence W Spangle living in Jacksonville, Florida.  Of most interest, this Charles Spangle also lived in Carmel, California from 2001-2012 just six miles away from where August Wilman lived. So almost certainly this Charence W Spangle living in Jacksonville, Florida is the one making these hate posts.

I’ve attached Spangle’s current address and phone information.   

The point is anti-Semitism is getting worse, and I urge folks to consider lending their voice against it.

It takes little imagination to contemplate nonsensical, incoherent myths, contrived races, demonized enemies of the people and lunatics in politics can explosively combine to catastrophic result.

If we could time-travel to 1930, and speculate on the rise of an anti-Semitic lunatic, we would likely postulate France or Russia.

In any event, post-World War II, we carry on an obligation to never forget and never let idiocy go unchallenged.

Lend your support to Stand Up to Jewish Hate.


My wife and I have always admired World War II veterans, though we know well U.S. work against anti-Semitism was less than perfect.

Still, we beat the Nazis, and their project to destroy the European Jews. 

Today and always, I salute fighters against Nazis and standing up to Jewish hate.

From Mikey Wienstein to Al Liethen, and millions more, thank you.

Wisconsin's Al Liethen - Stood up to anti-Semitism in WW II

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