Oct 14, 2009

Ten Minutes with a Demon

Lieutenant General William “Jerry” Boykin publicly accused Mikey Weinstein of engaging in a "demonic” agenda against the forces of Jesus Christ at an event held at Fort Bragg in August 2008.

Whether or not Mikey Weinstein is working with Satan, he is the founder of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) and is fighting Christian ministers and their military allies who are working to transform the American military into a force for Jesus Christ.

Weinstein wants to preserve freedom of religion in a secular American military.

But this makes Weinstein a demon to some, a pain to others, and a Jew destined to be boiled down into a 200-mile-long river of blood to a disturbing number of wackos.

Weinstein decided a few years back that he would challenge the radicalized, doministionist Christians who proselytize the American military, and operate to make it an extension of their own religion.

Shortly after writing a piece for Veterans Today, The Crusades, Still Killing for Christ, that attracted the attention of some of the same people that Weinstein fights (see the comments section), I interviewed Weinstein for a scheduled five-minute interview.

The talk went on for ten minutes despite Weinstein being the most rapidly speaking human being with whom I have ever had a conversation. Here's the text of the phone interview conducted in early October
Ten Minutes with a Demon

MAL: Mikey, I’m honored to speak with you for five minutes.

Mikey: You’re very kind. I’m honored to do the interview.

MAL: Mikey, Ralph McGill—the favorite columnist in our family—in the Atlanta Constitution, Oct. 13, 1958, was incensed at the dynamiting of a Jewish Temple in Atlanta. He wrote, quoting: “Let us face the facts. This is a harvest. It is the crop of things sown. It is the harvest of those so-called Christian ministers who have chosen to preach hate instead of compassion. Let them now find pious words and raise their hands in deploring the bombing of a synagogue. You do not preach and encourage hatred for the Negro and hope to restrict it to that field. It is an old, old story. It is one repeated over and over again in history. When the wolves of hate are loosed on one people, then no one is safe.” Unquote. What are facing today, Mikey? Are we facing the same level of hate that we faced in the late 1950s and early 60s.

Mikey: No, we’re not. It’s far worse. … [For example,] the situation with this thing with [Col Donald] Higgins is Higgins might probably try to argue that the Jews blew their own synagogue up themselves. The most base, evil, cold, calculated, old-school type of anti-Semitism, Mike, is simply telling lies about Jews.

Specifically, alleging that they’re lying about being victims of anti-Semitism. As in the two fake news stories that you see that Higgins prepared about how the entire scandal of the [Air Force] Academy was brought on by my son telling Jewish jokes. It had to be the good, Christian cadets that told him to please stop. He got upset, and went to me, rich, powerful Daddy arguably, and we started this fight.

[Note: Mikey Weinstein refers to e-mails mocking anti-Semitism and Weinstein that were written by Colonel Donald P. Higgins, Jr, (United Stated Air Force ret.)—a key Inspector General investigator for the Department of Defense, charged with investigating the religious coercion and proselytizing at the Colorado Springs-based Air Force Academy—and e-mailed to Weinstein by Higgins. The Higgins-authored, mocking articles make up facts about Weinstein’s cadet son and about Weinstein’s own experience at the Academy. Weinstein, as reported by Harper’s (May 2009), as a freshman at the Air Force Academy once “punched an officer who accused him of fabricating anti-Semitic threats he’d received.” (- Fake, Col Higgins-authored Washington Times Article - Fake, Col Higgins-authored New York Times Article) These e-mails were written and sent by an investigator operating under the auspices of an Inspector General's office for the Department of Defense.]

And then of course, the [Higgins-fabricated] situation with the beatings that I took at the Academy, they actually occurred [Higgins says] from a black, Jewish underclassman, alleging in his fake New York Times article. The first one was the fake AP article connecting to the Washington Times. And that’s why it’s so base, evil and vile.

It’s one thing for a these Christian ministers—let me make it clear, remember our foundation represent just about 15,000, 100s more each month, but currently just under 15,000 active-duty Marines, Soilders and Airmen, Mike. And ninety-six percent of clients are Christians. And that ninety-six percent breaks down … 3/4ths are traditional Protestants. We have 29 different varieties, for instance, of Baptists. We have every different kind of Protestant you can get. One-fourth, the remaining one/fourth of that 96 percent of Christendom that we represent in our armed military are Roman Catholic. Only four percent of our clients are not followers of Jesus. But they’re being told ‘they’re not Christian enough,’ and as a result they will be burning eternally in the fires of hell, along with the Muslims, Jews, and everyone else.

The difference here is that we’re talking about the infiltration of this radicalized, what we call 'doministionist' fundamentalist, Christianity where all of the conventional laser-guided, nuclear weapons are. It’s one thing for a police department to want to put out a holiday crèche or a public school to want to start teaching creationism, as in putting lip stick on a pig, intelligent design, trying to dress it up. It’s very different when we stop a multi-star general, who commands over 70,000 troops in the U.S. military, orders his battle staff to put together a PowerPoint presentation, not his chaplains mind you, Mike, his battle staff in a PowerPoint presentation showing a direct parallel between his weaponized talk about Jesus Christ and interpretation of the Book of Revelation and all of our combat movements in Basra, Bacava, Fallujah, Mosul, Sadr City in the northwest part of Baghdad, Kandahār (Afghanistan), all over Tora Bora in Afghanistan. We stopped it [the official U.S. military PowerPoint presentation] after it got out to 2,500 people.

These people that we’re fighting—the domionist Christians.

A very good friend of mine is Chris Hedges. And Chris, as you may know, is the Pulitzer Prize winner for the New York Times, he was the New York Times Middle East bureau chief, he wrote a book about three years ago, called American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America.

The people in this movement, a fascistic movement—Hitler had 7.9 percent in the National Socialist movement. Stalin had 2.9 percent in his movement. But this is about 12.6 percent of the American public.

And they simply want the world to end. And they believe, they’re told every Wednesday and Sunday by their clerics in their churches, they may not even make it back to the parking lots, that we’re about a Tiger Woods, two-inch putt away the end of the world. They’ll throw their hands like Rod Parsley does, Rod Parsley with the World Harvest Church, a typical, fundamentalist, Christian in Columbus, Ohio. He regales his congregation about the fact that we are promised a ‘200-mile-long river,’ four-and-a-half-feet-deep, this is what Jesus promises us, filled with nothing but the blood of those that our sweet, Lord Jesus has slaughtered at the Battle of Armageddon. And he does raise his hands to the ceiling and says with great passion, exhorting his congregation: ‘And therefore my Christian brothers and sisters: Rejoice! Rejoice for the worst is yet to come.’ It sounds counterintuitive. I don’t care what their religious faith is. It’s very different when your religious faith is allowed to engage the machinery of the state.

In this country, the founding fathers and framers of our Constitution assiduously studied European history where most of the tyrannies that had occurred have been with men of the cloth, Men of political power. They looked at men like Cromwell of England, they then looked at the Salam witch trials, and they said: ‘Not here.’ And so not only are we going to establish in our First Amendment, a separation between church and state—and mind you the people we’re fighting think that’s a myth like Big Foot or the Loch Ness Monster—but the First Amendment and the bill of rights didn’t go in until March of 1791. A few (years) earlier, December of 1789, the body of the Constitution was passed and that included Clause Three, Article Six. Well, specifically it stated we will never have a religious test for any position in the federal government.

And yet where was Homer and Marge Simpson, Mr and Mrs Bubba America, you know supine and docile America, on Tuesday, July 12, 2005, you can look it up in the Laurie Goodstein article on the front page of the newspaper most reviled by the Pentagon. On the front page of the New York Times, Tuesday, July 12, 2005, there was an article in which at the time the number-two ranking general among the 1,000s of the chaplains corp of the U.S. Air Force, Brigador General Cecil R. Richardson, and one of the last things Bush did a number of months before he left office he promoted Richardson to major general. He’s now the chief chaplain for the entire Air Force, he made the unbelievable statement that the U.S. Air Force, it was now Air Force policy, to reserve its right to evangelize anybody it determined to be ‘unchurched.’

MAL: Thank you.

Mikey: Be well.


  1. Weinstein needs to come clean. What he really wants is a military that worships the state, as you can see from his own website. I read on another blog that he's basically mad because a Christian cadet converted one of his children from Judaism to Christianity. I also understand that he refuses to turn over any evidence to support claims that he was abused for being Jewish. Now, today, I read that he has nominated himself, through another agent, for the Nobel Peace Prize. You can't make this stuff up!

  2. If you want to make up lies about Weinstein, why do you hide behind "Chappy"?

    Who are you?