Feb 7, 2023

Making a Murderer — New Filing Calls Wisconsin Legal System into Question

 Eugene Higgins, The Black Cloud. Wisconsin politicians, attorneys,
and judges betray rule of law, as innocents perish under cloud of darkness.
Smithsonian American Art Museum

Wisconsin-organized system of cruelty destroys value of single individual; drowns out truth, as State  opposes open hearings

Madison, Wisconsin — Innocents remain in prison today; human rights advocates here muse how favorably Democratic Party-run Wisconsin compares to other authoritarian societies — such as Russia, Belarus, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.

In the criminal law cases of Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey, Wisconsin stands in shame as its crusade to keep those whom the State knows to be innocent in prison show anew an entire state government dedicated by convenience to remain vicious and dishonest.

In January 2023, amid worry innocents in prison present too embarrassing a political-legal scandal to be acknowledged by the Wisconsin criminal justice system, (Ferak, Patch-Wisconsin), Steven Avery filed his Jan 24, 2023 filing as the Democrat-run state of Wisconsin and Dept of "Justice" continue its defense of this notorious police-organized frame-up, featured in the Emmy-winning Making a Murderer (Netflix), (Ricciardi, Demos).

The case is State of Wisconsin v Steven Avery, #122987 Manitowoc County Case Number 2005CF000381.

Avery and his nephew, Brendan Dassey, were convicted of first-degree homicide for the 2005 murder of a young photographer, Teresa Halbach. Both men are serving life sentences.

Most see the spectacle as revenge prosecutions of innocents by Manitowoc and Calumet counties, an insular region of the state known for small-town justice — injustice.

Avery wants an evidentiary hearing and a new trial, a request that has drawn baseless political attacks against his attorney, Kathleen Zellner, and reveals a perverse aversion to public hearings by the Wisconsin Dept of Justice.

Reports John Ferak at Patch-Wisconsin:

Zellner is on a quest to win Avery an evidentiary hearing before a local judge. An evidentiary hearing will give her a chance to convince the judge that Avery's first-degree murder conviction in the Oct. 31, 2005 death of free-lance photographer Teresa Halbach warrants a new trial for her client. Avery along with his nephew Brendan Dassey were convicted of the murder.

Zellner insists in her latest filing that Brendan Dassey's older brother, Bobby, is the real killer of Halbach.

'Mr. Avery respectfully requests that this Court grant him one of the following alternate remedies: (l) Grant an evidentiary hearing; (2) grant his Amended Motion for Postconviction Relief by ordering a new trial; and (3) grant the requested relief and grant any and all relief this Court deems appropriate,' Zellner stated. [p. 46,

Further driving the Avery and Dassey cases down the sewer is the full awareness of Gov. Tony Evers (D) and Attorney General Joshua Kaul (D) that they are defending the work of perhaps Wisconsin's most reviled district attorney in modern times — Kenneth R. Kratz who prosecuted both the Avery and Dassey cases.

Ken Kratz was driven from office after Gov. Jim Doyle began removal proceedings in
2010 following assault and sexual harassment allegations leveled against Kratz by several women, (ABC News, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel). Kratz' defense? Kratz claimed he is a drug and sex addict and victim of a medically diagnosed Narcissistic Personality Disorder that made Kratz uncontrollably arrogant and malignant — transforming him into a "dick," as termed by Kratz in 2016, (p. 13, Supreme Court of Wisconsin, Huffington Post).

This is what criminal justice here has become.


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