Apr 27, 2021

Toledo Blade Column Recalls Story of Wrongfully Convicted Wisconsin Vietnam Veteran — Keith Roberts

Robert Walsh: Attorney, veteran, and "combat infantryman
in Vietnam with the fabled 101st Airborne Division," 
fights, for veterans, reports the Toledo Blade.
"After George W. Bush was elected president and started the Iraq War, (attorney) Robert Walsh said, 'Karl Rove and Dick Cheney declared war on PTSD. They wanted to deny there was any such thing," reports Jack Lessenberry in the Toledo Blade and Lessenberry Link.

The war against veterans who filed for PTSD disability generated a lot of casualties, notes Walsh elsewhere, guys who froze "to death on the streets or blow their brains out in the garage."

Reading journalist Lessenberry's work on Robert Walsh, veterans and the VA bureaucrats who hate them is needed tonic as the DoD budget keeps rising, and veterans keep dying.

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