May 6, 2016

Two Wisconsin Schools Receive Letters Warning of Well Contamination

Wisconsin is heading towards a disaster as new warnings of water contamination have been sent to two schools in northeastern Wisconsin.

It would appear Wisconsin Republicans' project of polluting and plundering our fresh waters has undergone mission-creep. Republicans will not be happy until our children are poisoned as well.

Hyperbole? I wish.

Karen Ebert Yancey of USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin reports from northeastern Wisconsin:

Two Kewaunee County schools received letters from the Kewaunee County Public Health Department warning that a neighboring property owner's well within a half-mile of their schools had tested positive for salmonella and rotavirus, Cynthia Kinnard, county public health nurse said Thursday.

Luxemburg-Casco Middle School and Holy Trinity School both in Casco received letters from the department suggesting that they test their wells for presence of the contaminants, which are typically associated with animal or human feces.

Wisconsin state assembly candidate, Lynn Utesch, passed the grim news onto the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources in an email this morning.

Utesch who has been black-listed by the DNR has not heard back yet if the DNR's official position is in fact: Too bad, kids.

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