May 6, 2016

Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke Blasted, Writer Calls for Personal Experiences

The Marshall Project today hit Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke and asked for reports from the public of unethical and unlawful conduct from the Sheriff's office.

By Maurice Chammah of The Marshall Project

If you live in one of these cities — Cincinnati, Milwaukee, Phoenix, Brownsville — we’d love to know if you’ve had personal experiences with these sheriffs. ....  Let us know at:

Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke is the leading spokesman for those who don't want to see the criminal justice system 'reformed.' He is a regular presence on Fox News, and a symbol of a countercurrent in the black community against #BlackLivesMatter. His supporters are encouraging Donald Trump to consider him as a running mate. Back home in Milwaukee, though, he’s been consistently marginalized by other local leaders. 

Clarke should be in prison on felony misconduct charges. That Clarke is not reveals much about law enforcement and out-of-control police assaults on the public, (Balko, Washington Post).

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