Mar 18, 2016

Petition to Stop Proposed Factory Farm in Wood County Hits 1,000 Sigs in 30 Days

A paradise under assault with Republican Party political support,
the Golden Sands of Wisconsin, protected by a diverse, large
and growing group of citizens fighting polluters and their
own government.
Updated: DNR report delayed on Saratoga mega-farm, (Anderson, USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin)

Not a lot of people in central Wisconsin.

The region is rural and isolated.

It's also scenic with a lot of lakes and streams.

An online petition to stop the Wysocki Golden Sands industrialized factory farm proposed for Saratoga, Wisconsin has now surpassed over 1,000 signatures in 30 days.

Even as the central Wisconsin communities promote the recreational and tourism potential of the region, (Mal Contends) (Mal Contends) (Mal Contends), Republicans want to literally drain private water wells and the area surface waters with a massive number of high-capacity water wells each drawing over 100,000 gallons per day.


But reasoning with polluters and an industry that poisons children is not an easy proposition.

As Don Ystad, retired business consultant, resident of Rome and opponent of the Wysocki CAFO proposal wrote in 2014.
Governor Walker,

Think about the recent reports of the E Coli poisoning of a visiting family in Door County just a few weeks ago and the negative effect on Door County tourism if this persists. The E Coli strain was tied to cow manure, not surprising since 30% of drinking water wells are unusable because of high nitrate levels in neighboring Kewaunee County where there are 15 dairy CAFOs. This is a dangerous trend for our tourism economy, not to mention the health and well being of our citizens and visitors. As a citizen of Rome facing the possibility of an 8,000 acre, 5,130 cow dairy CAFO right next door in Saratoga, I'm concerned for our future.

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