Mar 18, 2016

Hear the Sound of Hillary Clinton's Campaign Disintegrating

AP: "Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon declined to comment Wednesday."

The Hillary Clinton email story has turned out to be a blockbuster after-all:

Newly released emails show a 2009 request to issue a secure government smartphone to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was denied by the National Security Agency.

A month later, she began using private email accounts accessed through her BlackBerry to exchange messages with her top aides.

The messages made public Wednesday were obtained by Judicial Watch, a conservative legal advocacy group that has filed numerous lawsuits seeking the release of federal documents related to Clinton's tenure as the nation's top diplomat. ... 'These documents show that Hillary Clinton knew her BlackBerry wasn't secure,' Tom Fitton, the president of Judicial Watch, said Wednesday. 'The FBI and prosecutors ought to be very interested in these new materials.' (Michael Biesecker, AP).

Wonder why the big rush from Clinton surrogates to get behind Hillary Clinton?

We note again it would be very difficult for the FBI and U.S. DoJ to release the results of ongoing probes, or prosecute the presumptive Democratic Party nominee for any crimes.

So, Clinton needs the premature designation as presumptive Democratic Party nominee.

Hillary Clinton has unfavorable v. favorable ratings of minus-12 points, (updated daily at Huffington Post).

This new development won't help.

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