Oct 1, 2015

Polluters Get Green Light, Manure Dumping Expedited

Airborne Pathogens and Ammonia
coming to a town near you. Adams
County golf resort imperiled, assuming 
visitors don't like flies and the stink of
liquid cow manure mists
Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources okays stink and health hazard by industrialized agriculture in region seeking tourism and recreation

Politicized DNR straddled Wood County and took a huge regulatory crap on human health, social well-being and plummeting home values, at request of Scott Walker-connected law firm

By Restore Kewaunee

The DNR has permitted Central Sands Dairy in Wood County [and Juneau Co] for manure irrigation. More than 60 fields in Wood County have been approved for manure irrigation BEFORE the state-run Manure Irrigation Workgroup issued their recommendations and offered a public meeting.

Central Sands Dairy gets to -

  • Spray in winds up to 15mph (because odors and mists fall to the ground at 14mph)
  • Self-monitor and self-report (WI's water problems clearly indicate how well that works)
  • Spray in an area which has groundwater contamination so high in nitrates, the irrigation wells are considered a "major source of nutrients" (Hail to Irony!)
  • Well test for only one year (then...eh...we'll see)
  • Self-monitor with two-hour observation intervals (please, have you read the Rap Sheets?  Years of reports are missing from WPDES Permit files and they still re-issue a permit every five years...there is no incentive to drive 55 when the cops are never around)
  • Shoot shit out of an end gun but only during the day (because they did not like "preliminary findings" the Workgroup research provided)
  • Spray at night (when there are no UV rays to kill pathogens and it is highly unlikely you will be able to observe equipment in the dark )
- DNR Approval document submitted by GOP-connected Michael Best and Friedrich LLP on behalf on Central Sands can be seen at Restore Kewaunee. -

We might as well prepare for this ourselves [in Kewaunee County]. Pagel's Ponderosa has a permit issuance coming along with other large farms in the county.

Any townships that did not enact a ban ... even as a temporary safeguard until the kinks got worked out ... may now have deep regrets.

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