Sep 30, 2015

Cold-blooded Murder in America Scheduled Today at 3:00 P.M., Central Time

Robert H. Jackson, 1940
Update: Last-minute stay issued by OK Gov., feeling the injustice? Doubt it.

"Savagery disguised as justice," says Ellie Cumbo. -

"Oklahoma—go fuck yourself. Prayers go out to the Glossip family and all supporters against his death," says @hyfrdayna.

So today's killing of an innocent man is not committed in your name, sign the MoveOn Petition.
The Oklahoma Dept. of Corrections (DoC) Death Row Program website is still up and running, to keep readers up-to-date on upcoming executions.

Today, Richard Glossip, an innocent man, is scheduled to be killed at 3:00 p.m. (Central Daylight Saving Time (CDT)). The nice woman answering the phone at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary, Mcalester confirmed the time of the scheduled killing for me.

The American south delights in cold-blooded executions of innocents. Snuffing out a life is fun.

The same pathology is exhibited in prosecutors across the nation who incarcerate the innocent—careerism and convenience.

An innocent's life and liberty are often inconvenient to the career of a prosecutor, and judge. And the imprisonment and/or state killing of citizens make for good tough-on-crime stats.

Convenience does not create good jurists (Jackson, U.S. DoJ). It makes jurists accomplices to state crimes, a defect of character.

To get an idea of the cold-blooded idiocy in Oklahoma, check out their DoC webpage. Right above "Scheduled Executions," one can read about Oklahoma DoC Golf Tournaments, Rodeo Parades, and so on.

So why is Oklahoma so hot on killing Glossip?

It's not just careerism and convenience.

It's covering up a state crime, and now Oklahoma is arresting people who have exonerated Glossip, and blown the whistle on the self-admitted killer, Justin Sneed, who cut a deal and boasted he framed Glossip as a conspirator in a successful attempt to save Sneed's own life, (per the gentle urging of Oklahoma law enforcement).

Liliana Segura reports in The Intercept on Oklahoma's forceful incarceration of a man, Michael Scott, who knows the jailhouse snitch, the admitted murderer, and heard the murderer brag he saved his own life by falsely implicating Glossip.

There is very little Oklahoma 'law enforcement' will not do to cover up state murder.

There is very little the American public will do to stop it. Such people have a name: Bystanders.

Across the world in Saudi Arabia today, U.S. Uncut reports: "Mohamed al-Nimr’s 19-year-old son, Ali, is set to be beheaded and crucified by the Saudi government for protesting. He maintains his son is innocent of charges and that his execution is politically-motivated."

Good to know we're more civilized here.

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